Connect2android is a division of logo-portal-perfect that includes all kind of mobile application works. Connect2android is playing vital role in development of applications.


What difference can we make for your app?

Our Inclusive approach – This strategic approach includes full 360° service so we are not stop when app is developed. We includes below as sub-services.

  • UI & UX
  • Utilizing Latest Technologies and Tools from Android Market.
  • On-going Maintenance
  • Performance Improvement and Support for your Android App

Testing by Multiple Simulators – As we all know that due to large popularity of Android as an operating system multiple manufacturers are opting it for different devices with vast types of Android OS versions.
The result is a split up the app if we ignore it. We create apps that works on every type of Android devices and Android Operating systems by testing them with our own Test simulators.

End-User Enactment – We always bestow user friendly design and innovative solutions to engage between employees and clients.

Grab up where other developers leave task – Sometimes many android app development project are out of scope from naïve developer so if you stuck with that kind of Android apps developers team, we are ready to provide our experience app developers from middle coding area on your project and help you to come out.

Distribution strategy – App development is not only our core goal. We also helps and guides our clients to submit and get your app live in the Google Android Market for easy distribution to your field individuals & consumers too.


We always want our customers to refer us repeatedly during their lifetime. The apps developed by us can be altered and modified anytime you want. We also specialize in the upgrading of old and newly developed android apps